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What's CyberTex 3D Interior Coverings ?

It's brand new 3D interior solution innovatively introduced on the interior decoration world !!!

   This alternative interior solution of high resolution is matching to every interior space as a ceiling and wall coverings or murals. Daytime, it looks just elegant wall art, while it is activated into dynamic 3D panoramas under black light. 

   You will be fascinated at these unusual 3D performances of CyberTex under BLB illumination.(Black Light Blue - black neon with blue light)


  anibw_3     deepsea-ani


   CyberTex all-purpose interior designs are completely lined up with endless coverings, murals and borders, with a variety of themes such as night city, space, sea, landscape, sky, dome, classic, beauties, and artist paintings, which are complimented as the perfect mate for hospitalities, commercials, home decoration and workstation interior settings in futuristic style.


panoramic spec 1


CyberTex 3D Effect Interior Coverings & Murals


   It is brand new inventive interior solution, with extensive line up of creative themes and functional packings as the world largest 3D decor collections. Importantly, CyberTex is just young brand to reinvest the resources of the company to improve the qualities to be perfect in shapes and utilities, and expand its line up continuously by refurbishing and adding new international themes.


    Unprecedented dual functions of daytime mural and 3D panoramas under black light. On the one hand, CyberTex is fine wall arts as a mural or sidewall coverings. On the other hand, it is panoramic 3D wall arts under black light. At one price, it can be utilized for both purposes at commercials, hospitalities, and home decor.


CyberTex Gallery


forest_garden          skysraper          deepsea          skyblue2

          Landscape Series                        City View                              Sea Series                              Sky Series


spaceb3          monument          guitarman2

                                       Space Series                              Classic                              Music & Sport


wd_beach2          submarine-4          beauty

                                                         Window                    Medallion                   Beauty


cybertex starwars 599$