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 Landscape   City View   Sea Series  Sky Series Space Series Classic Series Window Medallion Beauty Series  Music & Sport


CyberTex 3D Effect Interior Coverings & Murals

CyberTex is the most economical interior decoration material, together with efficiencies for installation and removal.

When considering the costs in material, construction and maintenance, no other interior solution can compete with CyberTex in its economy, high efficiency at low cost.

             CyberTex all-purpose interior designs are completely lined up with endless coverings, conspicuous murals, windows and medallions, hanging pictures, consumer collectables and borders, with a variety of themes.


forest_garden          skysraper          deepsea          skyblue2

        Landscape Series                        City View                              Sea Series                               Sky Series


spaceb3          monument          guitarman2

                                    Space Series                              Classic                              Music & Sport


wd_beach2          submarine-4          beauty

                                                       Window                   Medallion                    Beauty


                     3d_darkbg_j_orderCyberTex Prices 3d_darkbg_j_order

              CyberTex Wallcoverings & Murrals prices are based on one full image and depend of the wallcovering dimension.

There are two categories based on Width and Lenght as following:


CyberTex Standard - 199


CyberTex Standard have the following dimensions : W = 53" X L = 71 "


CyberTex Panoramic - 299 $


CyberTex Panoramic have the following dimensions : W = 53" X L = 142 "


CyberTex Discount - Save up to 149 $


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