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CyberTex Wallcovering Specifications & FAQ


Safe Interior


          For the safety of interior space, all CyberTex products are strictly engineered and manufactured by exclusive fire-retardant treatment system, which is mandatory for the decoration at public places. CyberTex has been trying to protect the interior space to be harmless ecologically and safe from the danger of fire at the same time.


All Purposes


          CyberTex boasts all purpose interior solution featured with strong affinity to any interior environments as Coverings for ceiling and wall or Murals with the exceptional quality functions of Wear proof, Tear proof, Fade proof, Water proof, Wrinkle proof, Dust proof, etc.

Economy in Renovation


           Interior Renovation by CIC proves very economical in cost, time, as well as in maintenance. No other interior can beat CyberTex Wallcoverings in its low costs but high efficiencies and utilities.


Durability & Easy Maintenance


           Differently from other wallpaper or wall cover, CIC is resistant to deterioration by environment and never spoiled or discolored by water or moisture. It is exceptionally durable and very easy for maintenance without incurring additional cost.


Widest Variety


           As the largest 3D interior collection, CIC boasts wide variety of the products and themes from traditional landscapes, classic murals to contemporary cyber designs, together with accessorial products of borders, blinder, picture frame, tilting lamp kit, etc. Every month new models are added to satisfy new demands on new markets. You can't miss it to choose your favorites out of CIC world largest artist collections.

Grand Picture Dimensions


          CyberTex is produced by new-tech production method to maximize printing dimensions. The standard size covers 53" tall and 71" long, and panoramic scene of 53" x 142", together with endless roll packing in the length of tens of meters. They are bigger than enough to decorate grand rooms, dome, cyber lobbies, amusement park, and other hospitality industries.




CyberTex wallcoverings are made from only harmless materials to human body, adopting internationally approved high quality pigments printed on the base of rigid non-woven polyester fabrics. Mostly CIC is installed with natural glues when mounting on the walls and ceilings. CIC is ecologically recommendable interiors not emitting allergic substances. It is harmless product with minimum Sick Home Syndromes.

CyberTex FAQ


             CyberTex is just emerging invention in interior industry. There arise many questions for this brand new & innovative interior solution. In order to help understanding for CyberTex with tips of its key applications, we are pleased to release typical frequently asked questions and their answers. We hope this section should contribute to guide our valuable customers successfully to the fantastic & secret world of CyberTex.


Q: What is CyberTex? / What is fluorescence 3D wallcovering?


A: CyberTex was originally developed and designed as materials for interior decoration made of non-woven polyester, having fluorescent solid effect/3D effect under U/V Black lamp. At the time of introduction, it was used as simply decoratives or murals. But later on, it could be also used as wallcovering or wallpaper to cover whole interior space, supported by contributive improvement of packings into endless roll and diverse combinations of creation of serial product lines to the satisfaction of customer choices.

It may be called panoramic wall painting, solid textile wallcoverings, imaginary 3D effect coverings, classic murals, virtual experience interiors, glow in the dark wallpaper, fancy borders and trims, etc. for both uses of commercial interiors & hospitality industries as well as home décor.


Q: What is the difference from traditional wallcoverings or murals?


A: In a word, it is fluorescence/luminescence 3D effect activated under BLB lamp (U/V fluorescence lamp). To say others, the gigantic photo scale instead of repeat pattern, futuristic designs of artist touch, etc. CyberTex has dual function, it is a kind of fine wallcovering decoration with gigantic photo in daytime or normal lamp but it turns to create fluorescence 3D fantasy world under BLB lamp.


Q: Is it safe?


A: CIC is using only internationally approved materials, such as non-woven polyester, safe fluorescence ink. It doesn't contain any materials hazardous to human health or surroundings.


Q: How to install CyberTex decoration?


A: It's very simple and easy as a piece of cake. Even end user can do it yourself. Just paste and put on the wall or ceiling. You may use the same paste solution as that for wallpaper, vinyl wallcovering, or textile wallcovering. Users can decorate one or two pieces of CyberTex photos for point decoration, or one side of hall, or wholly, depending on interior concept and circumstances.


Q: What is BLB lamp?


A: This lamp is not so alien product. We use this functional lamp frequently in our life in decorations especially in hospitality industries and display purpose. It's just one of the fluorescence lamp, with U/V coating. It looks black and it turns to be blue when turned on. Normally we use 120cm long 40 watts lamp, made by GE, Philips, Sankyo, or locally manufactured. The fluorescence/luminescence 3D effect can be activated under BLB lamp. The lamp doesn't differ from normal fluorescence lamp mechanically and it is very safe, not hazardous to human health.




* The designs and dimensions could be changed with or without notice for quality improvement.

* The photos on this web page are digital RGB image which might be slightly different from actual product printings

* Even though CIC is fade-proof under indoor surroundings, storing or exposing under the direct sunlight in longer time is prohibited.